our purpose

We’re here to help our clients exceed their potential. That’s right – exceed, not meet.

We believe that every business’ potential is limitless – and with the right mix of skills, attitude and planning, it’s less far away than you might think.

Through our growth and marketing services, we help clients make more of a difference every day – if that sounds like you, get in touch with us today.

our story

We founded Proposition in 2015 with a belief that all businesses should have access to the advice, strategy and capability they need to grow in a digital world.

Now, as our clients’ growth and marketing partner, we’re helping businesses take the next step and go from good to great.

It’s what we’re passionate about – turning ambition into strategy, bravery into action, and capability into results – so our clients can be confident that their growth will be sustainable, consistent and profitable.

meet our team

Simon Walker

Simon Walker

Founder & Strategy Director

I lead the Proposition team, working to make sure that all our awesome clients are getting results from their growth strategies.

Tommy Jiang

Tommy Jiang

Strategy & Creative Lead

I develop and execute growth strategies for Proposition clients and am constantly testing and optimising campaigns for results.

Who we've helped