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Creative Ways to Change the Tech Industry


Jules Raynes

Creativity in the tech industry is like having one roll of toilet paper left in the house. It’s hoarded juuust for the essential occasions. But in the world of coding, data governance, IT security and computer science, we say it’s time to buy more toilet paper and spread the creativity roll across every occasion.

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4 Sustainable Lessons From A Sustainable Campaign


Jules Raynes

If we can create a carbon-neutral/zero-landfill campaign around NZ within six weeks and with a team of seven, then any business can do it.

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Creating a carbon-neutral/zero-waste marketing campaign was f*cken hard


Jules Raynes

We created a roadshow across Aotearoa that would focus on diversity, inclusion and sustainability in the tech industry. This is our journey, through the words of Simon, on our triumphs, struggles and ultimate success.

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