Classic ways of marketing, that are still relevant today!

Jules Raynes
Content Specialist
July 11, 2023

The evolution of advertising and marketing over time has been impressive, where we can produce marketing campaigns and projects efficiently and across many different platforms. But there is something to say about the old way of doing things, especially in the marketing world.

At Proposition we went scrummaging through the history books of marketing and found value in its simplicity and effectiveness. Here's what we learned –  

Direct mail is making a comeback

Society has moved to such a digital way of being and doing in the world that paper mail is becoming an effective marketing tool again. Not including Amazon packages, think about how much physical mail you get these days, it's not a lot, right? But because your mail has decreased, it means that advertisements via mail are more likely to be seen and have an effect.  


They may look a little different these days and are possibly digital, but the concept has remained the same for decades. Big images and a few words have a huge effect on the audience and it's a tactic used on Instagram. This type of advertising will continue to work throughout the ages because an image says 1000 words.

Face-to-face marketing

We understand it's been a little hard to get out there and have face-to-face interactions, but it's super rewarding when you're safe to do it. It’s why the most successful fundraising companies specialize in face-to-face interactions, it’s the power of the human experience we share with each other.  


They will always be a necessary part of the sales experience, even though 70% of consumers' minds are made up before they interact with a salesperson. However, “always be closing,” the product isn't sold until they ring up the register. Salespeople play a crucial role in closing and giving those details that solidify the sale.

While we can all appreciate the transformation into digital marketing and in all honesty, we would be nowhere without it, it's good to keep those older marketing tools and processes in mind. There is a reason why people continue traditions and revert to old ways of doing things, it's because some things are tried and true, and that's especially the case in the advertising world.

"I've learnt more from reading about the 'history of advertising' than from reading any modern tips." Simon Walker Founder of Proposition.

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