Creative Ways to Change the Tech Industry

Jules Raynes
Content Specialist
July 11, 2023

Creativity in the tech industry is like having one roll of toilet paper left in the house. It’s hoarded juuust for the essential occasions. But in the world of coding, data governance, IT security and computer science, we say it’s time to buy more toilet paper and spread the creativity roll across every occasion.

Creativity can affect an organisation’s efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability. It’s as simple as introducing creative new ways of sharing ideas and strategies. So, how can we inspire change within the industry so that creativity not only survives, but yep, you’ve got it...thrives!

Take the pressure down

John Farnham was right; we should all “take the pressure down” because nothing stumps creativity like crazy deadlines and perfectionism. The IT industry can be regimented and mundane with repetitive processes and data configuration. But you can still do your day-to-day job and hit deadlines without giving up your creative desires; it requires balance.

In her study about workplace creativity, psychologist and researcher Teresa Amabile found that 45% of employees are not as likely to be creative in their role when experiencing a 'high-pressure' day.

Suggestion – Use your calendar efficiently to identify times in your week when you can be creative. Being creative doesn’t mean you have to paint a picture in your downtime. Maybe it means you’re dedicating time to being more organised, creating innovative ideas and changes, or simply working on a passion project. Work is still work – even when it’s creative and fun.

‘Focus & creativity’ go together

If you need time to focus and to be creative, working from home can offer a reprise from the hustle and bustle of the office. You’re often not as distracted by meetings and in-office chat. Tech and IT usually mean sitting at a computer for 8 hours a day, but that’s not great for your mental and physical health if you don’t make some changes.

Suggestion - Talk to your leaders and figure out a plan to have days during your working week where you can WFH or be uninterrupted to have a focused and creative day.

Upskilling and certifications

Education will always open the door to being more creative as education sparks ideas and imagination. In 2021, ‘creativity’ was considered one of the most valued skills for students to develop from surveys of employers in professional groups like LinkedIn.

Suggestion - it’s never too late to insert creativity within your role. Being innovative is valued as soon as you enter the workforce, but it can also be introduced as you understand the impact of your position. Making creativity a priority will be a game-changer for you and the company you work for.

Foster a creative environment

Whether employees work in the office or from home, the workplace can often be purposeful yet unengaging, especially in the tech industry. So, you must have a space to go where you can work and be inspired.

At Proposition, we often say, ‘the best ideas come after 5pm and with a beverage in hand.” But being relaxed and able to share ideas doesn’t have to happen outside work hours; it can happen consistently throughout your work week.

Suggestion – set up an office or home area where you can work and be creative. Environments have a massive impact on your inspiration, so if you don’t have one – get creative.

“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainty.” - Erich Fromm.

In the IT/Tech industry, we work a lot with ‘certainty’, but it’s okay to shift to a more creative mindset. So, let’s change the industry’s stereotypes and invite more innovative and creative ways of doing business.

What else is good.

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