Keep Your Work Culture Alive When Your Team WFH

Jules Raynes
Content Specialist
March 22, 2022

When keeping work culture alive it’s important that we don’t take the Elon Musk approach – ‘’come back to work in the office or else.’’ Threatening your employees is some absolute bullsh*t.

Oh, the road is long, isn’t it? The road to success, the road to happiness, the Road to Perdition. Well, maybe not to Perdition...that road was just a long walk to Hell for Tom Hanks.

But whatever road you’re on, it can be an arduous journey - we get it. Over the past couple of years, everyone and every business has been affected, lay-offs, downsizing, financial strain, and the inevitable lack of employee engagement.

Our work-life will now involve a hybrid of working from home and in the office, and the journey to keeping your work culture alive can be rocky.  

When working from home, communication between team members and departments seems only to exist to deal with problems or issues. This is changing how we interact with each other, and it can mean that communication becomes regimented and formal.

Your challenge is to create a productive, fun, inspiring relationship with every member of your team and have regular access and contact with leaders in the business. This continual effort will limit the risk of employees feeling undervalued, unengaged, and underappreciated.

“When working from home, there is a lack of face-to-face interaction with the team compared to being in the office. As someone who recently joined Proposition, it was important to continue to build work relationships even when working from home. What I found to be quite fulfilling was the Friday afternoon game sessions with the team. This was a fun, collaborative, and hilarious way to end a work-filled week.”

- Jennifer Phommachack (Campaign Specialist at Proposition)

So, how do you make these changes so your work culture doesn’t suffer?

Leaders set the tone and drive culture:

It starts from the top. If your leaders aren’t engaged with the team, then the rest of the crew will struggle to engage.

Being curious about your employees’ lives encourages the team to move beyond the work and gauge how your employees are really doing. Communication with all departments will allow your work culture to continue and blossom.

Give everyone a voice:

Whether you have a team meeting every day or once a week, share the responsibility of leading the meeting. It allows everyone to have a voice and encourages engagement within the whole team. In our meetings to keep them short, sharp, and informative, we all stand up, have a time limit, express both personal and professional goals for the week, and always have someone new taking meetings.

Fun chat channels:  

This might be a small gesture, but the impact can be profound. Creating a message channel dedicated only to laughs will generate many laughs on an otherwise stressful day. Never bring the client names into this chat; it’s essential to remain professional. However, the fun channel allows your business to let out a little steam. It’s a crazy world we live in. Let’s laugh a little while we try to get through the day.

Let the hybrid workplace work for you:

Leaders should understand how their employees feel about the hybrid work environment.

A Future Forum study showed that 72% of employees want the option to work at the office and at home. And knowing this means you can prepare for the future and set up processes that work for your company and your employees.  

When a process or resource that companies take for granted, suddenly stops working or is accessible, it can cause people to scramble. That’s precisely what happened to all of us when COVID hit. Our offices were thrown into chaos, our employees were dispersed, and we had to quickly figure out how and where to work.  

We set up our employees to successfully work from home and opened our communications channels to work efficiently. So, when lockdowns hit again, we have the technology, systems, and processes in place for hybrid working, and we know how to maintain a workplace culture to keep our team engaged.

There are plenty of blogs and 10-step articles out there that will tell you how to improve your workplace culture. What we have shared with you are just some of the processes that have helped us over the past few months.

Every business has had its challenges, and we are under no illusion that we have all the answers. We are just trying to get through this together, and hopefully, with a plan in place, it will make the road a little less bumpy. 🚗🛣️

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