Journey to the Cloud

Client: Base2

Vendor: Ingram Micro

Base2’s business was built upon managing and supporting their client’s servers. Their hosting service at it’s peak reached 150-200 virtual servers. Hosting their own infrastructure was costly and a decision was made to move towards public infrastructure (Microsoft Azure) as it meant that their operational systems and P.I. provider is all aligned. The move came about due to industry changes: Efficiencies in data through-put, Internet pipe speeds, wide area network delivery, fiber roll out, and capacity & density increase for big cable between New Zealand and Australia. On the flip side, Ingram Micro were looking at a tier 2 partner that would commit and go on that journey with them. Proposition was engaged to help tell the story of Base2's transition to Azure and communicate the benefits in a captivating experience. To achieve this, we created a 5 act narrative - each with a unique focus elaborated on in blogs. The project gave us an opportunity to develop the brand world of Base2, creating a character that continues to impact their customers today.

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