MiBI: Cracking the US Market

Find out how we worked with Mindfull Software to launch their out-of-the-box financial planning, budgeting and analytics software, MiBI, in the US market.

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January 2019

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Successful product launch in the USA

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Proposition's great project management and strategic thinking has got us in a great position to take on the American market.

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Simon Walker

Founder & Strategy Director

Tommy Jiang

Strategy & Creative Lead

How do we take a successful product from New Zealand and prove it works in the USA?

The United States of America is often viewed as a “Holy Grail” of markets by businesses around the world – as Jay Z said, “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”.

Over the last five years, Mindfull have been developing MiBI, an out-of-the-box financial planning, budgeting and analytics software package that enables mid-sized organisations to get away from Microsoft Excel as their core planning tool.

When Mindfull approached us and asked us to manage the marketing campaign behind launching MiBI in the USA, we jumped at the opportunity.

Changing markets and approaches

Our initial approach centred around replicating as closely as possible some successful campaign work carried out for MiBI in 2018.

However, we realized that changing markets meant changing gears from a marketing perspective. The quality of business-to-business Software-as-a-Service marketing in the USA was really high, and the expectations of prospective customers matched this.

What’s more, our entire sales team would be remote – so instead of selling based on the strength of a handshake and relationship, we needed to make sure the value proposition really stacked up.

Identifying the key pain points

Selling business software based on upside can be a long, challenging road.

That’s why our development of the MiBI proposition started with the planning problems our target market faced.

We identified a couple of areas that our market struggled with: the spreadsheets and the processes associated with them, and the challenge of replacing them with a planning software package.

Every component of our marketing messaging hit a particular pain point our prospects experienced.

By building our messaging around pain points, we were able to tell a consistent and focused story to our target customer.

Regardless of the contact channel, the messaging stays the same – this consistency is hugely important as we tell the story of MiBI in the US market.

Our marketing approach

The trap often experienced when launching a product is paying too much attention to how the messaging looks, and not enough attention to how you get it in front of your target market.

From the start of this programme, we kept this front of mind.

We know that the best way to engage senior executives is to get them on the phone – a compelling pitch about a problem they’re experiencing is always enough to pique their interest.

This meant that everything we did had to drive towards a moment where an inside sales representative had a conversation with a prospect over the phone. Given the lack of awareness of MiBI in the US market, we knew these conversations were going to pretty (totally) cold, and that most of our creative work was going to be supporting that initial conversation.

We sourced a proven telemarketing partner in the same timezone as our target market, worked with them to develop their messaging, and built a direct mail programme to warm up their lists as much as humanly possible.

Then we set about building a range of digital collateral, including an explainer video, a product landing page, and digital sales collateral. This creative approach can be viewed here:

Check out MiBI on the web.

What’s next

The MiBI launch programme went into market in early June 2019, and our pain-point focused approach resonated immediately with our target customers.  We’ll be heavily involved in managing and monitoring the performance of the calling, optimizing the message as we go to ensure the campaign continues to perform.

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