Mindfull: consistent, predictable growth

Find out how we worked with Mindfull to design and execute a programme delivering consistent growth for their leading New Zealand Planning & Analytics consultancy.

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September 2018

what we achieved

Millions of dollars of pipeline opportunities added to Mindfull's sales pipeline.

what our client says

Proposition's flexible and proactive approach to our campaigns means we're working more closely with our co-marketing partners, and delivering more consistent, predictable results from our marketing than ever before.

the proposition team

Simon Walker

Founder & Strategy Director

Tommy Jiang

Strategy & Creative Lead

How do we generate new opportunities in a way that’s predictable for our sales planning and partners?

Generating a reliable pipeline of enterprise sales opportunity is a challenge for any business working with large corporates – but it’s critical to sustained growth.

With long sales cycles, complex engagements and protracted negotiations featuring in every deal, sales reps often struggle to keep the top of their pipeline full with new opportunities.

What’s more, Mindfull work with a number of major technology companies who provide co-marketing funds through their partnership programmes – so timing and budgeting an effective programme was extremely important.

That’s where we stepped in.

We took up the challenge, designing a campaign programme, assembling budgets, and re-developing messaging so that all our activity was stitched together around a common story.

Once we’d designed the plan, it was time to execute.

Measuring Pipeline

The first step to executing a consistent, predictable growth strategy was to ensure that we could measure growth.

This meant getting visibility over both campaign performance and pipeline – a task that HubSpot Sales software was perfectly suited to.

We also needed to think about the products Mindfull Sales Reps were selling – tracking what they were selling was as important as tracking how much. This enabled us to accurately report to vendors what we were selling, providing early performance tracking on co-marketing campaigns.

As well as giving the marketing and sales management teams great visibility over what was going on within the sales teams, we were able to give the individual reps control over their own pipeline, and insights into deals, accounts and contacts enabling them to make better sales decisions.

Finally, we integrated our external telesales team into HubSpot – so they were able to access important account information about the target accounts they were calling, view activity, and track performance of their calling – all in the same place.

Executing Campaigns

Once we had HubSpot Sales implemented, it was time to get down to the business of getting campaigns in market and generating opportunities.

Often, campaigns are overengineered by marketers – resulting in unnecessary creative, long delays, and a salesforce sitting idle waiting for the leads to just roll in.

Avoiding this mistake is critical in building consistent, predictable growth programmes – idle sales resources carry a high opportunity cost and can have a massive impact on the success of the overall programme.

That’s why we made sure we kept things tight – building the bare minimum of content and keeping our focus on problem led messaging. This approach cut our path to market times significantly, and meant we were delivering results when a traditional campaign would still be on the shelf waiting for roll-out.

The agile marketing approach enables us to test and learn with campaigns and only deploy higher value, higher cost campaign assets when the basic message and target market has been proven to perform.

It’s important to note that we’ve had help – working with a wonderful telemarketing team and receiving great support from the Mindfull team and their partner software providers.

Our leadership of this programme has tied all these great resources together and enabled the delivery of strong pipeline growth for Mindfull. We’re excited about the continued performance of this programme throughout 2019 and beyond.

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