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Find out how we worked with Unify Digital to launch and grow their new Operational Engineering offer.

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December 2018

what we achieved

New service offering launched and growing.

what our client says

Proposition have guided the process with excellence. They were savvy enough to see that we needed to fix our sales process first, then helped us to clearly articulate our competitive advantages.

the proposition team

Simon Walker

Founder & Strategy Director

Tommy Jiang

Strategy & Creative Lead

“How do we grow our business and differentiate our offering in a crowded IT Services space?”

This was the question that Unify Digital asked us when engaging Proposition in late 2018.

It was an interesting challenge.

Over the 15 years of Unify Digital’s operations, “IT Services with a difference” had become the standard catchphrase of every technology reseller, managed service provider and IT company.

The IT Services market has become crowded, and there are war stories of bad experiences all over the place.

So, how do you differentiate an IT business – and actually do IT services with a difference?


As always, we began our process with our Rapid Growth Strategy Programme – a two week exercise to develop a direction, value proposition, strategy and action plan for Unify Digital.

During this programme, we identified a few areas where Unify Digital added significant value – most of which were unique to the industry.

However, these areas were not being addressed through Unify Digital’s commercial model – they were almost being ignored.

Revenue Generating Capability

Unify Digital’s expertise extended far beyond helping people buy the right computers and fixing their emails when they weren’t working.

When we pulled back the curtains, we discovered a business whose real skill was helping growing businesses increase their revenue generating capability.

Across their talented team of developers, system engineers and consultants, Unify Digital was able to help their clients use technology to dramatically transform their business.

While this was Unify’s core value add, it wasn’t at the centre of their offering. To achieve their growth goals, this had to change.

Reimagining a business model

To deliver the outcomes Unify Digital wanted for their business, we had to reimagine their business model.

We started right at the top. Unify spent a significant amount of time in the sales process providing operational process consulting – solving problems that had to be solved before they could scope and price a technology project.

All of this work was uncharged – it was viewed as an integral part of the sales process.

We recommended that we develop a new product for Unify Digital at the beginning of their engagement with a client – a three part Operational Engineering Discovery programme. This became the kick off for their client engagement rather than an unpaid piece of presales work.

Once we’d reworked the initial engagement, we worked with the Unify team to plan the rest of their engagement – including how they integrated their infrastructure and security capabilities into their innovation model.

Implementation and validation

Following our rapid growth strategy programme and business model work, we felt it was important for Unify Digital to validate the model with actual prospects.

We helped Unify identify opportunities in their existing pipeline that had promise for the Operational Engineering service, and built sales collateral to help them move these deals along.

This part of the process is an essential component of our engagement – agile marketing demands ideas be tested and validated.

By including this stage, we were both able to prove to Unify Digital that the thinking behind the new model was sound, and help them generate real revenue faster than they would have before.

Communicating the changes

This model wasn’t completely new to Unify Digital – in fact, they’d been delivering it for years and producing incredible results for their clients.

We recommended that the best way to tell the story of the “new” service was to explain it through the eyes of an existing customer and project.

Who better to do that for than United Flower Growers (UFG)?

One of Unify Digital’s first clients, UFG and Unify have been on an incredible journey together. You can find out about it in the video below:

What’s next for Unify Digital?

Following our successful development and launch of the Unify Digital Operational Engineering offering, we’re working with Unify Digital to scale the offering and drive significant growth in their target market.

We’re looking forward to seeing Unify become the technology partner of choice for mid size New Zealand businesses looking to take their revenue generating capability to the next level.

What Unify thought

We had an opportunity to see Proposition’s agile marketing approach in action, and knew it would be a good model for us. We’ve engaged other marketers before, but always found ourselves ending up back at square one, with a long list of things to try, and no new prospects in sight. Proposition have guided the process with excellence, and helped us to see our marketing develop from the ground up, which makes it extremely authentic. They were savvy enough to see that we needed to fix our sales process first, then helped us to clearly articulate our competitive advantages. Only then did we start looking at the channels to market, but the context that they had created made it all so easy to follow and every dollar of marketing investment productive.
-Daniel Oliver, Managing Director

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