what can mdf do for your business?

engage your sales teams

MDF funded campaigns provide the perfect excuse to get your sales teams in front of prospects you wish they talked to more often. Vendor funding and new value propositions get them out and selling.

drive more leads and sales

More activity = more leads = more sales. Pretty simple really - by scaling up your marketing activity, you'll see more revenue flowing through the door - and with vendors funding, your Return on Investment goes up too.

pick the low hanging fruit

Existing customers are a perfect target for MDF campaigns - you can develop targeted cross and up sell offers that increase your share of wallet with customers who are already your biggest supporters.

supercharge your marketing campaigns

do more with MDF. go from scraping together bare minimum budgets to being able to deliver great experiences for your clients and prospects, and try new, innovative ideas.

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we make the MDF experience easy with our simple framework


Vendor selection

Our MDF management capability extends across a range of vendors. We work with you to select the most appropriate vendor for an initial campaign - then we reach out on your behalf and get the conversation started.


Campaign proposal

We work with you and our chosen vendor to build a comprehensive campaign proposal, outlining the activity, expected costs and performance. This is based on our prior experience of MDF campaigns.


funding approval

Sometimes there are a few hoops to be jumped through - we’ll work with the vendor to get the proposal over the line and answer any questions they have. We’ll also work with your finance team to make sure cashflow is planned and managed.


campaign delivery

Once we’ve got approval, we’ll get the campaign executed. We know that vendors are keen to see quick results, so our initial campaigns are focused on generating qualified pipeline as fast as possible, through proven methods like telemarketing.


track performance

One of the main struggles with MDF for vendors is the lack of performance visibility while campaigns are in market. We provide campaign dashboards and make sure all leads and opportunities are tracked, solving this problem.


report and claim

Our systems are geared to tracking and compiling proof of performance as the campaign is executed, so filing reports and claiming funds is as simple as uploading invoices and documents. We manage this process for you.


improve and repeat

We take the learnings from the campaign, select a vendor and message, and do another round of co-funded demand generation, driving more sales for you while taking full advantage of available MDF.



We know that vendors are committed to driving performance from their MDF spend – this is why we’re committed to delivering a 10x return on investment on the campaigns we run.

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we've got the process and performance to make mdf easy

Often, MDF campaigns seem scary - there are lots of hoops to jump through, and lots of rules around performance. We're specialists in navigating the minefield.

project management

We keep great records. Our project management system is enterprise grade, and we track campaign progress as we go - so by the time we get to the end of a project, we're ready to go on a claim.

vendor relationships

We maintain strong vendor relationships, so we can pick up the phone and solve virtually any problems. We know the rules inside out and we'll pick up any missteps before they put a claim at risk.

cashflow planning

The cashflow timing of an MDF campaign can often trip a business up. We'll sit down with your finance team and make sure they are on the same page when it comes to cash in and cash out.

proof of performance

Our proof of performance templates match up directly with our business cases - making the claim process simple and easy to manage. You won't hear from the vendor until they send you a remittance.

we've delivered campaigns for the world's biggest technology vendors and their partners.

Whether working direct or with your distributor, we can help. Get started today.

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