Why do businesses struggle with marketing so much?

the wrong capability

Marketing capability is notoriously hard to build. Getting all the right people onboard costs a bomb, and often businesses don't have the right team to deliver the marketing strategy and campaigns they need.

strategy and planning

All too often, marketing activity is ad hoc and lacks consistency. This is often due to missing strategy and planning - "we'll just try that" is often the refrain. This leads to a lot of half-baked, poorly performing marketing initiatives.


It's important that marketing activity is consistent - both in message and timing. When Marketing is an afterthought, activity often happens in fits and starts - leading to any gains being given up as quickly as they are won.

lack of knowledge

Business owners don't do their own accounts, or write their own contracts - so why do they try and lead marketing teams? Marketing needs strategic leadership that can translate between execution activity and business priorities.

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our growth management services are here to help.

The Proposition team can help you manage your growth activity - from strategy to creative and from demand generation to brand campaigns. We'll tell you the number we're going to deliver, and report to you like you're our boss.

Here's how we help:

growth strategy and creative

We work with your senior team to develop growth strategies that meet your business' strengths and the needs of your target market. We're the custodians of your brand, making sure you're well known in your target markets.

multi-channel campaigns

Whether digital, events, physical media or a combination of channels, we run all your campaign activity from go to whoa. We're your representatives with key partners, we communicate with your team and we drive performance.

data and performance management

All the best strategy and campaign work is nothing without knowing what the return was. We've partnered with HubSpot and Databox to provide accurate data management, campaign automation, and live reporting - right into your phone or tablet.

Demand generation and lead development

We're not so proud to pretend that it'll all work without a bit of demand generation work, so we've partnered with leading Sales Development firms around the world to do the work your reps don't want to do - calling prospects.

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you expect your marketing spend to be turned into more cash - so that's what we do.


growth strategy

Our growth strategy programme takes less than a month and gets us set up to deliver results. We want to know what your growth number is, and we'll tell you how we plan to deliver it.



Before we change things like websites and brands, we need to get the momentum going on campaign activity. We'll run some kick-off campaigns to get the pipeline running and the revenue coming in.


customer engagement

One of the often forgotten parts of the marketing mix is engaging with existing customers. We'll develop customer communication plans to keep your biggest advocates engaged and drive cross and upsell opportunities.


brand development

Once everything else is running smoothly, we'll help you turn your brand into one that tells your story, engages your clients and your team, and fits exactly where you want your business to go. This is the fun stuff, but we've got to earn the right to do it.

case study.

Our partnerships with HubSpot and Databox enable us to deliver the best growth systems software in the world, customised to your needs.

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