Certus Insurance Brokers

Brand strategy / brand development / web development / content marketing / marketing strategy

Why did we do it?

We sat down with the directors of Certus in late 2015, right at the start of our journey. It was the start of theirs as well – they’d never invested in the digital marketing side of their business before, and this was the beginning. They had some great future plans for the business, and we were massively excited to be involved.

How did we do it?

Our work with Certus Insurance Brokers split into two stages – developing and implementing the brand, and content marketing work following implementing this.

Before starting on the work, we sat down for a few hours with Warren and Mike, Certus Insurance Brokers’ directors, to discuss their business and really get to know what they felt differentiated them from their competitors. We pretty quickly built a picture of a business where it wasn’t just about insurance, but the overall approach to managing risk for their clients. From this session, we pulled out a few key concepts that we were going to shape the Certus brand around.

One of the core elements of the brief was not to design “just another insurance brand” for Certus. As a result, we went for purple and lilac as their brand colours – providing a bit of differentiation and personality, as well as looking great digitally and in print. The rest of the brand identity gave Certus a energetic, modern feel – exactly what they were looking to do for their business.

Following the brand work, we designed and built a website that told Certus’ story to both their personal and business customers, while giving them easy access to common questions clients had about their business. We sourced all the imagery, organised team photography, and created all the content for the site.

After launching the site, we developed a content marketing programme for Certus to educate their existing customers about what they did, and engage potential new customers. We executed this work throughout 2017, build a big library of evergreen General Insurance content.