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What did we do?

Brand strategy, brand development, web development, project consultancy

Why did we do it?

Roy, the Managing Director of Datapoints, approached us wanting to enhance the way he communicated the story behind Datapoints, his data analytics and project management consultancy.

How did we do it?

Through our discovery process, we came to understand that the Datapoints business was really about changing the way data consulting worked – moving from a high overhead, big cost model to a flexible cost, flexible resource, innovation focused model that had all of the same capabilities.

We developed a brand strategy for Datapoints focusing on Open Source Consulting, tying a technical concept together with a clear vision of flexibility and innovation. After developing a fresh, future focused brand identity, we proceeded to working on a website that clearly told the Datapoints story.
Datapoints’ website makes it really clear that they are capable and innovative, and has a strong focus on not just showing what they can do but demonstrating how it has been done.

As well as working with Datapoints on their brand and website, we’ve worked with them on key projects to refine the stories they find in the data and communicate these in a way that is compelling – and generates action from the executives that are exposed to these stories.