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Why did we do it?

Kevin, the founder of Investify approached us with an opportunity to collaborate on the launch of his new investment research start-up. Kevin had identified the challenges DIY investors faced getting access to quality research and affordable trades, and needed help to get the business launched.

Innovative idea 👍

Quality product  👍

Market opportunity 👍

Of course we said yes!

How did we do it?

Kevin had approached us before he’d even figured out what his new venture was called, so we were really in on the ground floor with this one.

Before getting started on executing, we took the time to sit down, figure out the venture’s target customer, develop the product offer, and build a vision of how it could look in the future. This resulted in three streams of work – brand, product strategy, and product execution.

After settling on the name Investify, we developed a brand identity and all of the assets Investify needed to implement this identity across their business and product. We really wanted Investify to feel sharp, fresh, and different, as well as modern and innovative. That’s why we settled on clean lines, sharp blacks and bright yellows, and simple icons.

On the product strategy front, we researched extensively to figure out how to turn Kevin’s great investment research into a product that would attract Do It Yourself investors who were used to using platforms like Spotify, Netflix and Instagram. We ended up devising a product that had tiered levels of pricing, with a premium, unlimited access version available for the price of Netflix. We also knew that accurate data would be a focus, so we made sure the initial build of Investify had live market data to keep customers coming back.

Once we had the brand and the product strategy, it was time to build it. Investify’s start up status and tight budgets forced us to be very focused about the functionality we built for the Minimum Viable Product – everything we did had to add value and be very functional. The product we launched in October 2017 had over 50 research reports, accompanied by live market data.

After the initial excitement around the launch, we set to work developing content strategies, implementing digital advertising and even guest-appearing on episodes of Kevin’s investment video blog, Overshares.

In 2018, we helped prepare and deliver Investify’s pitch at BNZ Start-up Alley @ Webstock 2018, and embarked on another round of content strategy and product development. We see a pretty exciting future for Investify, and we’re really stoked to have been part of the journey from the start.