brand strategy / storytelling / web development

Why did we do it?

We engaged with OnePlan to finish delivering a rebrand of their business, and develop a website that digitally told their story – for retirement.

How did we do it?

OnePlan had already had some work done on a new logo, which we took forward and turned into a complete brand identity. Through this process, we picked out the concept For Retirement to differentiate OnePlan – we felt the idea that the goal of retirement planning was not to achieve the best return, but instead to not run out of money before running out of life would really resonate.

Once we’d nailed down the basics, we started building a website with a goal to digitally communicate the unique, personal experience of getting a retirement plan with OnePlan. This included creating interactive elements explaining a customer’s financial journey through life, and a clear analysis of why OnePlan is right for their customers.