What is our Rapid Growth Strategy programme and what can you expect?

Clients come to us because they want to grow, and they want to grow quickly.

To give them a taste of how we work before they commit and allow them to walk away with a real, valuable strategy,we take them through our Rapid Growth Strategy programme.

In just two weeks, we provide them with a ready-to-go action plan tailored to unlocking their businesses growth.

Delivered in three parts, our goal is to understand your growth challenges, devise solutions and create a path to action for you (or us) to follow.

It sounds pretty simple, right? It is and it gets results.

Here’s what you can expect.

The Objective

The Rapid Growth Strategy programme is our action plan to help businesses turn ambition into action.

We work with potential clients before they sign up with us to help them understand their challenges when it comes to growth. Sometimes this is company-wide, or it might be a specific issue.

Putting it simply, we work out their pain point (or points) around growth.

Knowing this we can deliver the outcome – actionable steps to solve their problems – which will kick start their growth.

Often this involves their path to market. Our solution is to get them there quickly (speed to market) and then test and learn and develop a greater understanding of what their market wants and how our potential client can deliver.

The Details

Formally, the Rapid Growth Strategy programme is made up of three steps.

The first is a strategy workshop,which covers off where you are, where you want to go, and who your customers are.

In the second step, we take away and refine the outcomes of the workshops to develop the strategy.

The final step is a refined action plan for business growth that is ready-to-go!

Where You Are

Using a workshop format, we understand from the potential client where they (and their business) is right now. This includes – what are your numbers and your pain points (which we can help them work out)?

Through this process we find they tend gain a better understanding of their own business, as well as an appreciation of the opportunities they have in front of them.

This allows them to prioritise where they should put their time and effort in order to get results and is one of the ways that we identify real value for them.

Where You Want to Go

Now that they know where they are,we ask where they want to go.

What are your growth milestones for the next three, six and 12 months?

These milestones allow as to track activity against they and also indicate how fast you want to grow.

What about your 10 year goal?

This sets our potential clients up with what their working towards in the long term.

Who Your Customers Are Right Now

What are your customers’ problems?What about their values and goals in engaging with you? Their motivations?Where do they source information from?

In this part of the workshop, we help our potential clients work out who they’re trying to sell to, how they should talk to them, where to find them, and identify why customers choose them over their competitors.

What We’re Going to Do

After the workshop, we develop and refine the strategy for our potential clients to solve their growth problems.This takes the form of a series of actionable steps that are outlined in such way that the potential client can execute them on their own.

Importantly, we don’t provide a single solution or the “only way”. The action plan is how we’ve rationalised your position against speed to market (results!) and cost.

And, we often take a marketing angle. Because, when done well, marketing is what drives business growth and scale.

This includes working out your story, how you should be communicating value to your customers, and whether you need to take action on branding or your website, or dive straight into a marketing campaign.

The goal is to turn the plan into action and action into results. With or without us.

The Benefits

You’ve probably picked up that there are a lot of benefits of the Rapid Growth Strategy programme. In summary you:

·        Gain a deeper understanding of your business

·        Walk outwith action plan to drive results and growth

·        Get a feel for how we work

·        See the opportunities for growth in your business

·        Explore what’s possible for your business' growth

The Next Step – Working with Us

While you end up with action plan to deliver results, the real value is engaging us to take action and bring results.

We adapt the programme based the reporting and results of our marketing campaigns to create a flexible, agile plan that is tailored to your customers and business.

And, you get access to the whole marketing function of a business for a fraction of the cost for you to hire them. That includes project management, design, strategy, and digital implementation. The skills, expertise and resource you need to drive your businesses growth.

Keen to know more? Get in touch to discuss our Rapid Growth Strategy programme.

Posted on

October 1, 2019