Why use Proposition for co-marketing campaign management?

As an enterprise technology vendor, you rely on third party partners (resellers, consultancies or businesses adding value to your existing IP) to generate demand for your products and solutions.

These partners may be selling a range of technology solutions and have different priorities to you.

To incentivise and help them market your products to their clients and prospects, co-marketing is a great option.

Often this is in the form of you, the vendor, providing a co-marketing fund which is invested in the partner’s marketing activity or campaign. Normally covering 50%of the overall investment in the campaign, this is rebated to the partner on its conclusion.

A fantastic win-win, if executed well.

Unfortunately,the extra workload of managing and administering the co-marketing process by the partner means it is an underutilised opportunity.

It is also still a risk to invest your marketing budget into a third party’s campaign. You’re almost solely reliant on them to generate a return for both of your companies.

Managing a co-marketing campaign  

You have sales targets that you need to hit, and you must have a return on your co-marketing investment.

Therefore,it makes sense you have detailed reporting requirements and plans that your partner must provide before they receive your promised funding.

At a basic level, you’ll expect a detailed plan, and be able to clearly see the performance and results of the campaign.

Unfortunately,plans don’t always get executed and poor monitoring leads to sub-par results.Especially since partners are often too busy to provide the necessary attention to co-marketing campaigns.

Then there’s admin, which is almost always a problem. Add in a potential lack of accountability between vendors and partners and the whole process can be difficult and time-consuming to manage for the partner to manage.

We work with your co-marketing partner

We take the load off your partner, not just by running their marketing campaign but also by managing the co-marketing process for them.

Our business is based on getting results for our clients. So, when we manage co-marketing campaigns, we’re accountable for the success of both the vendor and the partner.

Most importantly though, we have experience in running successful co-marketing campaigns for our clients and their technology vendors.

We deliver campaigns that perform

Our track record is of delivering campaigns on time, on budget, with no surprises. We focus on delivering results and, due to the longer sales cycles of enterprise technology solutions,nurturing.

However, what really makes the difference is we use agile marketing to quickly create meaningful results for our client’s campaign.

We use a hybrid approach of detailed planning and testing and learning to provide results but also allow for flexibility for new approaches.

We have the necessary mix of expertise in project management, marketing, and visual to ensure every component of a marketing campaign is performing.  

Project management and admin

Since partners don’t normally have the time to give the attention that co-marketing campaigns need, we look after this for them.

This includes working with you and the partner develop the plan, set timelines and agree to the budget.

We then make sure the campaigns are run on budget and on time and use tools like HubSpot to provide reporting that is visible and clear. Allowing everyone involved, including the vendor, to easily see what activity was done and what the results were.

Overall, this reduces the admin when it comes to claiming the co-marketing rebate for both the vendor and partner.

The end result

Co-marketing managers and supervisors are required to meet a certain number of opportunities, leads and new deals.

Using a co-marketing partner, like Proposition, is the best way to maximise the result while reducing your risk and workload.

Not only will your co-marketing campaigns perform, but you’ll also ensure you will receive the return on your investment.

We’re committed to delivering a 10x return on investment for the campaigns we run.

How to get us involved

We make sure co-marketing campaigns are a win-win for you and your partners.

If you’d like to have a chat about how we can help you maximise the return on your co-marketing investment, get in touch.

We’re also more than happy to sit down with your partners and talk to them about how they can utilise and make co-marketing work for them.

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October 10, 2019