rapid growth strategy programme

The Rapid Growth Strategy Programme is the cornerstone of Proposition's agile marketing framework.

Growth strategy needs to be fast, effective, and focused on getting the right activity started as quickly as possible.

That’s why our Rapid Growth Strategy programme takes two weeks and delivers a ready-to-go action plan that is ready for us to get started on (or you can DIY). It’s delivered in four parts:



Over the course of a half day workshop, our strategy team get stuck into the growth challenges facing your business. This is a comprehensive, in depth session - get ready to strap in and get way under the hood of your business.



The Proposition team will get stuck into the outcomes of the workshop - arguing, discussing, debating and ideating every way we can get to your goal. Nothing's off the table - we're all about delivering you results.



Once we've analysed your business and developed your growth strategy, we'll develop a detailed implementation plan that outlines how the first year of your growth strategy will run, with a special focus on delivering maximum impact in the first 90 days.



The workshopping, strategising and planning is done. It's time for action. After we've presented the action plan to you, we'll get the wheels in motion and turning towards delivering growth for your business.