Free your sales team

from the mundane

so they can do what they're best at.

Proposition's Sales Automation and CRM offering will help your sales team clear their admin roadblocks so they can do more of what they're best at: talking to customers.

Do these sales systems challenges seem all too familiar?

Manual sales processes

Pricing inconsistency

Sales forecasts that are miles off reality

Poor visibility of sales activity and performance

Bloated, expensive CRM systems

Lack of sales team mobility

Bad data

Without efficient Sales Automation and CRM, sales teams are bound to face many of these challenges.

We can help turn your sales team into a lean, mean, revenue generating machine with the following steps:

1. Systems strategy

We take the time to align your Sales Systems strategy with your business strategy so you can be confident that what works now will work in the future.

2. Process design

Our sales process experts re-work your sales processes so your sales reps don't have to double handle information and re-enter data.

3. Best-in-class CRM

As a HubSpot Gold Solutions Partner, we're experts in deploying their best-in-class CRM and Sales Automation software to optimise the performance of your sales team.

4. Quality training

Great systems don't work if salespeople don't use them. We deploy on-site training and support so that your people get up to speed, fast.

We've partnered with the best.

We're specialists in the HubSpot suite of Sales, Service and Marketing tools. Our vision aligns strongly with theirs, and we're confident that their best-in-class suite of tools will continue to lead the market both in power and usability.

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