Data & Automation

Our technology toolkit makes every business better, faster, and stronger by automating key processes and turning your data into decision making action.

Why us?

We use our D.mindset, changing systems for the good of the business and the betterment of the customer relationship.

Crafting your CRM Strategy: Automating manual tasks so that the marketing team can focus more on generate activity and closing deals

Data driven reporting: Harmonising data silos with dashboards and storytelling to know the best about campaign performance and analytics.

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"The right growth systems stack makes all the difference for clients. It gets their sales teams engaged with marketing activity, and automates most of their key tasks so they can spend their time where it counts - talking to customers."

CRM and Automation

Put the right tools in the hands of salespeople and automate key sales and marketing processes with Proposition's CRM and Automation stack. We'll give you everything you need - from data management through to training.

Reporting and Analytics

Turn your business' data into action with live analytics and dashboards showcasing activity in your sales and marketing teams. Using data helps you find out what works - so you can do more of it.

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How we do it

Talk to the right customers, more often. Automate key processes and save time. Know when your next hot lead is ready for sales to engage. Track progress to your targets. It's all in the Proposition technology stack.


Your technology stack needs to line up with your business' growth strategy. We'll make sure you've got the architecture you need to scale, while retaining flexibility.


Garbage In, Garbage Out. Too many businesses fall on their unclean data sword. We're experts in helping you avoid this, so you can act with confidence knowing you're looking at the right information.


We've partnered with leading growth technology providers to deliver best-of-breed CRM, Automation and Reporting solutions. We're experts in HubSpot Sales and Marketing tools and can help extract the value you expect from these tools.


Great systems still need to be operated by trained people. We customise training to suit your needs - so your team are trained in the systems, but also the business processes built into them.

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Did you know you can grow using money from your technology vendors?

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