Sales Development

Target account campaigns, telemarketing, or LinkedIn outreach, our talented sales team and leading sales development processes will find you your next great customer.

Why us?

We deliver the right person in a target organisation, who has the budget, authority, need and time for the service offering.

We disrupt prospect’s status quo, drive the need for change, and create a buying vision that differentiates you from your competition.

We discover the urgency to change with missed opportunities that are holding their business back (unconsidered needs)

Tell stories and take our clients on a journey that creates a relationship with prospects leading to confidence and trust.

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"The B2B technology sales cycle can be long and involve many stakeholders. By further developing new prospects, we're giving salespeople the information they need to speed up their sales pipeline and sell more, bigger deals."

Sales Development

Our dedicated sales team matched with our proven prospecting approach - we can help with target account campaigns, omni-channel lead generation and LinkedIn outreach.

Data Research

New prospects can be hard to find. We can assist with researching target accounts and building out prospect lists with key stakeholders, as well as building your LinkedIn networks.

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What we do

Proposition provides a contract sales team that enable your business to grow faster and find your next great customer. While every campaign looks different, we follow these simple rules for success


Half the success of a B2B sales campaign is in the targeting - we'll define your list of target accounts and make sure they're in your product/market fit sweet spot.


What we're really doing is researching your future prospects - discovering their challenges, their organisation, and the key people involved so when they're ready you can sell with confidence.

Fine tune

Sales campaigns are not something you set and forget. We constantly pay attention to the data, adjusting our approach as we learn more about what the market wants.


We only do warm handover, so there's continuity between our team and yours - setting your sales team up for success.

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