Figure out where you're going, understand your competitive landscape, and develop a plan that helps you win. Checkmate!

Why us?

At Proposition we combine the breadth of our marketing expertise, across the New Zealand, UK and Australian markets with our deep understanding of the technology industry, vendor relationships and MDF.

We look for growth opportunities both within a business’s existing model, and also within the broader technology ecosystem.

We reach deeply into the art & creative (tech) talent pool

We are information gatherers, from data and analysis to facilitating workshops, we know the questions to ask and are skilled at orchestrating a tangible, realistic strategy which can be effectively executed.

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"Strategy isn't just developing a plan of action, it's starting with the 'why' before we get to the 'how'. Then it's about understanding where a business' strengths meet market trends so we can help them win."

Growth strategy

Reaching your growth targets is a lot easier when you have a plan for how you're going to get there. Need help establishing your marketing, sales, or tech road map? Start here.

Business strategy

Does your business feel like it needs direction and focus? We can help with that. We'll focus your team on a common purpose, develop a business wide strategy, and help you execute. Whether you're thinking a new market, new product, new channel or any other move in the game, we'll help figure out where you're going.

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How we do it

Sometimes, you need to zig while everyone else zags. Sometimes, you need to stay the course. Proposition's business strategy framework will turn your questions into action.


We get to know your business from the inside out. Who are you? Where did you come from? What do your customers think about you? This helps us give you advice that fits with who you are and where you're from.


Goal setting is 50:50 art and science. We're experts in both. We'll get you clear on your future with tangible, achievable goals that your whole team can get behind.


Too many businesses only look inward when they do strategy. Our research phase looks outward, taking into account macro trends, customer preferences and technology innovations to point your business to it's future destination.


How many times have you done "strategy" only for it to translate into nothing? Instead of talking about it, we'll implement a program of work that will get it done - and hold you accountable to delivering it.

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